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Some of our lessons have two lesson numbers associated with them. This is in case it has been more than two cycles (for your jurisdiction), you can retake a lesson. Just make sure you are not taking the counterpart if the minimum amount of time has not expired. Always verify with your state first.

URGENT NOTE: PLEASE VERIFY THAT YOUR STATE ACCEPTS "NCRA PDCs." Since our lessons have recently been reclassified by NCRA, it may have a trickle-down effect with your state. If your certificate has been rejected by your state's CCR board for this reason, please contact us for a refund at CourtReporterCEU@gmail.com. Alabama does NOT accept NCRA PDCs.

We have some new lessons! All our lessons are pre-qualified by the NCRA and per their guidelines every lesson is worth 0.25 PDC (2.5 hours).

RPRs, you will receive PDC credit (limit of 1.0 units of 3.0 required in a 3-year cycle if submitting to the NCRA).

Soon we will have webinars qualifying for (unlimited) NCRA CEU credits.

TEXAS CSRs: Be sure to only take lessons with "TEXAS PROGRAM #:" Texas (TX) approved lessons for 2024 are: #10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18 and these are also NCRA PDCs.

One great way to get a response is to contact us via email at CourtReporterCEU@gmail.com. We check the email regularly during business hours, Monday to Friday 9:30 to 5:00 Pacific Standard Time. You can also call or text us at (206)382-9695. Contact us if you have any questions.

You can get your CEUs using your computer and internet connection for just $50 per 2.5 credit hours. NOTE: 2.5 credit hours = .25 NCRA (PDC)CEU = 2.5 State (hours) CEUs

How It Works:


For RPR continuing education credits and states that utilize RPR licensure, our lessons have been reviewed and prequalified by the NCRA as PDC Credits, so 1.0 (or 10 hours worth) of your 3.0 NCRA CEUs can be taken on our website.

If you want these NCRA Pre-Qualified Article Tests to apply to the NCRA, you will need to submit the NCRA credit form to the NCRA with NCRA's fee per NCRA Pre-Qualified Article Test. At that point any state that accepts NCRA-authorized credits will accept these. Some states will not require you to submit the form to the NCRA.

  • Step One - Create a new account (if you do not have one) and log in. NEW CUSTOMERS: Specify which states you are licensed in (if other than your state of residence) by sending an email to certification@CourtReporterCEU.com and including your name or account number. If you have been active on our site within the last three years and have no updates, emailing us is not necessary.
  • Step Two - Click on "Lessons Available." Choose your desired lesson and click on "Take Lesson" across from it. (If you change your mind, exit and choose a different one.)
  • Step Three - Take your lesson by reading/studying the text. You may print it to refer to during the exam (or open it in a separate window).
  • Step Four - Take and pass the exam (answer the questions and click "Submit Quiz") . You'll receive instant scoring. If you don't pass, just take it again.
  • Step Five - Pay for your lesson. We will usually send you the certificate by end of the next business day. Remember to check your spam folder. DO CALL IF YOU NEED IT SOONER.
IMPORTANT READ: If you are licensed in more than one state, or don't live in your state of licensure, please send an email with your name or account number and which state(s) you want to appear on your certificate. We will notate your account for future reference. NCRA credit is always on your certificate by default.

****CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR YOUR CERTIFICATE**** Once your certificate is ready, we will email it to you. You can also find it under the "Edit Account" tab and scroll down to "Lessons Related To My Account" and download it from there (but only after it's been processed).

You may pay for your lessons/exams either before or after taking them, but it is helpful for us in issuing your certificate if you pay AFTER you have completed ALL the lessons you intend to take together.

If you prepay for several lessons, we normally wait until all have been completed before issuing your certificate - unless you notify us otherwise! However, if you do prepay for a lesson and don't take it right away, it will not expire, but you can instruct us to transfer your payment to another lesson and we will be happy to oblige.

Certain states allow you to retake a lesson after a certain number of years; therefore, if you legitimately want to retake a lesson after 3 or more years (check with your state) then let us know because the lesson may need to be reset by us before you can pay for it and/or take it again.

Starting March 2024, lessons are also being cycled to NEW LESSON NUMBERS, so if you have an incomplete lesson and you need your progress (paid or passed) transfered to the new #, email us. The numbering is internal to this site, it does not affect the NCRA PDC numbers or other preapproval numbers.

If you have any issues with our site or payment, please don't hesitate to call.

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