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Question 1 The patient may be the ___________, otherwise it may be the _____________ if there is a _________. decedent, court will determine, basis for malpractice.
plaintiff, estate administrator, wrongful death suit.
defendant, physician, wrongful death suit.
plaintiff, executor, administrator.
Question 2 The evaluation of proposed expert testimony by the court involves ________ standards and is known as a______________. four, Daubert hearing.
conforming medical, Frye test.
only the judge, expert conformance hearing. peer review, pretrial evaluation.
peer review, pretrial evaluation.
Question 3 A plaintiff must establish all ____ elements of the __________for a successful medical malpractice claim. 2, injury
3, damages
4, tort of negligence
5, malfeasance
Question 4 Relying on ______________ or direct corporate negligence, claims may also be brought against hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations or medical corporations for the mistakes of their employees. vicarious liability
direct evidence
assumed liability
indirect corporate negligence