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Question 1 Which of the following statements regarding continuing education is true? Each CEU activity must be at least 60 minutes of actual clock time involving attendance and completion of an approved CEU activity.
Some CEU activity may receive less credit based on the content of the material.
After completion of the initial 60 minutes of CEU activity, credit may be given in one-half hour increments.
All of the above statements are true.
Question 2 Which of the following types of activities can the Texas Supreme Court prohibit a court reporting firm from engaging in? honest, competitive bidding
posting billboard ads along the freeway
creating advertising videos featuring the firm owner
none of the above
Question 3 The board is administratively attached to _____________________. the Texas Superior Court administrative offices
the Office of Court Administration of the Texas Judicial System
the Official and Freelance Shorthand Reporters Associations
the Texas Shorthand Reporters Association
Question 4 Isaac is the official court reporter for a judicial district that contains four counties. He has $1,613 in reasonable and necessary expenses that are eligible to be reimbursed. What reimbursement amount will Isaac receive? $1,613