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Question 1 Are the following entities considered "business associates" under the HIPAA Privacy Rule: US Postal Service, United Parcel Service, delivery truck line employees, and/or their management? Yes
Question 2 Is a business associate contract required with organizations or persons on a covered entity’s premises, where inadvertent contact with protected health information may result, such as in the case of janitorial services? Yes, because the work performed for covered entities by janitorial services, for example, could involve the use or inadvertent disclosure of protected health information.
Yes, because they may be exposed to personal health information during the performance of their duties, such as may occur while emptying trash cans.
No, because any disclosure of protected health information to janitorial personnel that occurs in the performance of their duties on the covered entity’s premises are incidental and permitted by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
None of the above
Question 3 The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires covered entities to enter into written contracts or other arrangements with business associates which protect the privacy of protected health information. Are covered entities required to monitor or oversee the means by which their business associates carry out privacy safeguards? Yes
Question 4 In providing legal services to a covered entity, must a lawyer who is a business associate require that those persons to whom it discloses protected health information agree to abide by the privacy restrictions and conditions that apply to the lawyer? It depends on who the recipient is.
Yes, everybody
Not usually
No, never